Top 2 Tech Marketer Challenges (and Solutions)

If you’re a technology marketer, you already know the challenges you’re facing. Of course, all marketers face serious challenges, but the ever-changing world of technology brings new challenges to the marketing complex. After all, the tech industry is growing and changing so fast that no one can keep up with it. No one, of course, except a specialist in technical marketing, whose task is not only to keep up with the times, but also to stay ahead of the market.

LinkedIn recently published an article about some of the major challenges that technology marketers face today. Here are two of these problems, as well as useful information that you can use to solve them right now.

Problem 1. Identify the decision maker?

All marketers are aware of the importance of identifying and understanding the decision maker. Without this knowledge it is difficult to build a successful marketing strategy to convince them.

However, the complexity of technical marketing is that the decision is made by more than one person. Instead, it is now a multifunctional group consisting of IT, marketing, sales, operations, finance and others.

This complexity makes it even more important to understand and respond directly to the needs, problems, and motivations of each member of the group.

A recent survey by LinkedIn groups that have the power to make decisions about IT purchases and technology has shown that building potential customers through informative content is an important part of the sales process. Why? Because members of these groups are usually not willing to talk to a sales representative until they consume at least five “relevant, non-branded, non-sales-oriented materials.”

In addition, the LinkedIn article emphasizes the importance of creating content for every role in this versatile procurement committee … At every stage of the buying process. Because, as explained in the article, technological decisions are made by a group, not an individual, marketers are required to contact each of them. You never know who will be the first to get in touch, who will chair the procurement committee or who will have the greatest impact on other members.

That’s why it’s so important to have a strategy of reaching out, engaging and, ultimately, transforming each team member at every step of the buying process. Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, but tech marketers have the ability to influence any member of the procurement committee and convince him through continuous training. What does “always on” mean? This is content that provides valuable and educational information at every stage of the buying process whenever users want. Considering that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 63% of technology buyers are more likely to turn to suppliers who take a consistent approach, it’s worth it.

Challenge 2: Create interesting content

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of marketers use content marketing. However, they also say that “creating attractive content” has been a major problem over the past five years. What does that tell us? Tech marketers see the value of content marketing, but they also have limited time and resources, making it difficult to create the most successful content.

So how do you compete in a saturated technology market? According to LinkedIn, create a robust set of tools. If you think about it, today there are more tools and resources for content marketing than ever before, many of which are free or at a very reasonable price. Marketers now have more opportunities than ever before to design, create, write, create, create, and develop – without any external support. Think about what’s done for marketers!

If you are a technical marketer, you realize that you need to stay ahead of the ridiculously fast-paced world of innovation.






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