What Boise State Vs Virginia Tech Really Means to the College Football Season

The first game on the 2010 Virginia Tech football schedule is likely to be the first. The Hokies will play State Boise in neutral territory in Landover, Maryland, near Washington. But given FedEx’s proximity to the Virginia Institute of Technology and the large VT alumni base, as well as the distance from Boise, it’s closer to a home game for the Hokies (who often travel well for Boise State Bronco fans). Tickets for the Virginia Institute of Technology in Boise will be in high demand, and they will be among the most difficult to sell in 2010.

This game is likely to feature 2 of the top 5 college football teams of 2010, and this one will be of interest not only to their fans, but also to fans of American football as a whole. Playing a prime-time game on September 6 (Labor Day), ESPN televised the event. It also gave both programs a lot of anticipation in the offseason, and Frank Beamer, the head coach of Virginia Tech, has often said that this type of game adds a lot of attention to offseason preparations.

This game has broader implications for student football, in addition to the fate of Virginia Tech and Boise State Football Club. Boise State is a very busy team, and although they are part of the Western Athletics Conference (WAC) and are heading to the Mountain West conference next year, they are highly respected and considered contenders for the national championship title. That’s because the team didn’t lose in 2009, including victories over Oregon from PAC10 and previously undefeated TCU teams.

Boise State also fired 21 of the 22 starts last year, which is virtually impossible to do, and so many expect a good chance of reappearing in 2010. If they beat the Virginia Institute of Technology in September and remain undefeated, there is a good chance they will play for the BCS national championship.

BCS scenarios are impossible to predict, and an undefeated mid-major team is often overlooked, but Boise has a real advantage in 2010. This will be the top five best in the polls at the beginning of the year, plus confidence in it. 2009. Again, it is impossible to predict each scenario, and some undefeated teams at major conferences have banned Boise from participating in the BCS title game. But the undefeated Bronco team has a better chance of winning the title in 2010 than ever.

For VT Football Club, this game is also a secondary story of the season. Hokies usually have an annual goal to earn ACC, and this game doesn’t affect that. However, this year is considered promising for the Hawks, who have played but never won championships. It’s one of those pendulum years when the Virginia Institute of Technology can get a chance at the BCS championship, and that’s not going to happen if they don’t beat Boise in the first game.

It’s going to be a great game and it’s going to get all the attention of the college football world. Most of the two teams will be determined after the VT – Boise match on September 6!






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