Traditional German Costumes: #1 Simple Guide

Lederhosen can be short, only up to the thigh, knickerbocker style, or reach the ankles. They are equipped with a bib with deer horn buttons and are worn with H-shaped straps over the shirt. Traditional German clothing dates back centuries and varies greatly from region to region. The Bremen Tracht in the 19th century was a peasant people’s costume.

The styles are less extravagant and show less cleavage than at Oktoberfest. A wider resurgence of interest came with the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. Led by Silvia Sommerlath, the hostesses wore sky blue dirndls to promote Bavarian identity. Cultural historian Simone Egger notes, “Ever since she made headlines in 1972 as host of Olympia in a dirndl, all women wanted to have a dirndl.” The German opera singer Ingeborg Hallstein with a dirndl at an official reception, 1966.

There is great diversity in this regard in the Baden-W├╝rttemberg region. Well-known representatives such as knickerbockers, tricorn hats, horned caps or wheel covers and of course the world famous Bulb Huts of the Black Forest costume come from here. So what should a German do once Moser Dirndl he is dressed in traditional clothing? We will make your toes pound in the next section, where we will discuss traditional German music. The Dirndl was initially made as a sturdy outfit for servants and peasant women and was made of soft, breathable and easily washable material.

No, you don’t have to get multiple dirndls/lederhosen over several days at Oktoberfest. Just because I have a different dirndl for each of the 16 days of Oktoberfest doesn’t mean you have to either. It just means I have a problem and probably need to seek advice. Check out that link to learn what you need to know about this and other Oktoberfest scams. Check out all of this year’s popular Oktoberfest shoes and socks for women in this post.

The traditional style consists of the dress itself, a white blouse and a colorful apron. Modern styles can be seen in all lengths, from long to mini. Most established Bavarian men have a sturdy vest or a wool coat without a collar to accentuate their clothes for Oktoberfest. A traditional cardigan is called a Prien and is often worn in combination with a leather belt instead of wearing suspenders with your leather pants.

Complete your jewelry with a dirndl bracelet that matches or at least shares style cues with your necklace. A dirndl bracelet is located near the wrist, is usually silver and often has amulets or beads. Some are also made of small semi-precious stones strung into an elastic band.

A must-see on any tourist’s itinerary, Oktoberfest is a beer lover’s dream come true. Held in Munich in September (not October, contrary to what the name suggests!), this festival attracts more than six million tourists from all over the world every year! During this 16-day revelry, locals dressed in traditional clothing gather in huge tents, hungry for beer and sausage! This bacchanal celebration began in October 1810 at the wedding of Crown Prince Louis and Princess Teresa. The dirndl skirt is wide and folds to accentuate the waist, making any woman look beautiful in a dirndl.