Top 4 MagSafe Accessories For Your IPhone Of 2022 Wirecutter Reviews

You can find the perfect match for the iPhone and your gift personality with color options like golden brown, dark cherry, and redwood green. After testing and researching many accessories, here’s a look at some of the best gift ideas for the iPhone owner in their lives, from affordable cases to the Apple Watch. Finally, you need something to carry all this equipment, don’t you? Well, this decision doesn’t have to be complicated, because there is no “right” decision for everyone. Keep in mind that of all the accessories discussed in this article, wireless storage drives are generally the most expensive.

Logitech even includes a stand for supporting your iPhone, but as a separate piece, it’s another thing you need to carry with you. While Keys-to-Go is clearly aimed at iPhone users, it’s ultimately just a Bluetooth keyboard, meaning you can pair it with an iPad, Apple TV, or other Bluetooth device. Logitech is a company that clearly knows what it does when it comes to keyboards and has used that expertise in the design of Keys-to-Go.

Jesse wrote and was previously editor-in-chief of iLounge, where he reviewed hundreds of iPhone accessories dating back to the original iPhone era. He is also the author of books on iPod and iTunes and has published product reviews, editorials and how-to articles in Forbes, Yahoo, The Independent and iDropNews. While Keys-to-Go is far from pocket-friendly, it’s certainly small enough and sturdy enough to fit in a bag or purse. Unlike much smaller foldable keyboards, Keys-to-Go offers well-spaced keys that are comfortable and accurate to type.

With responsible and tactile keys, it offers one of the best typing experiences you’ll find on a classy keyboard. Plus, it lasts up to three months on a single charge and is even protected from dust and spills. However, despite its length, the iSnap X is also super portable, foldable to just 7.1 inches, so it’s easy to throw into a backpack, bag, or even your pocket.

With too many Apple devices on hand, it can be difficult to fully charge them all at the same time and all the time. This charging station is your one-stop solution to charge your iPhone 13, AirPods and Apple Watch at the Oplader iPhone same time. Equipped with an active noise cancellation feature, these AirPods offer an immersive sound experience. In addition, they come with a transparency mode that allows for easy hearing and seamless connectivity.

This particular charger is compatible with the basic iPhone models 12, 13 and 14, as well as the Pro versions. This can be useful for those times when you can’t get energy but still want to enjoy the photos of the day behind you. Whether you’re shooting in low light or just want to take advantage of a fisheye lens, this set from Selvim has you covered.

However, this also brings some dangers, as it can be easy for them to fall out of your ear without you noticing, if no music is playing. They also have shorter stems than the AirPods 2, making the touch controls a little less comfortable. A new feature they have is the active noise cancellation and transparency mode.

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Colors, tones and exposures have a uniform consistency between the 2 or 3 cameras involved. And image processing produces natural-looking detail, an improved look, and an overly sharp and fluid feel of older smartphone images. With the right gadgets on hand, these powerful features can be used in overly creative ways. The Belkin wireless charging pad offers a total output power of 3.4 A. The power is distributed as follows: 1A for the Apple Watch and 2.4A for the iPhone. This makes it fast enough to charge your devices in short time frames – I managed to charge my iPhone from empty to full in 2 hours.