10 Tips For Buying A Perfect Wedding Ring

While simple gold wedding rings are indeed timeless, many future spouses may want something more current and modern, and there are certainly some designs that are gaining traction on the market. Suess and Baumeister McIntyre report that colored stones are very popular at the moment, as the unique salt and pepper diamond. At Common Ground in Greenport, “more playful and more geometric cuts”, such as hexagonal and come-on cuts, really get off the ground. At Garden of Silver in Westhampton Beach, yellow gold is back in the spotlight and the personalisation of rings using custom designs and recycled family heirlooms has never taken it off the stage. Other considerations include matching the size of the diamond in your engagement ring to the size of the diamonds in the wedding ring, especially if you have a pavé diamond engagement ring. Most people choose a matching metal, such as yellow gold, platinum, white gold or rose gold, but you can also mix metals if you want.

While pavé styles add a lot of sparkle and style, gemstones can come loose and fall off over time, especially if you have an active lifestyle. If you still want the glam look but don’t like the risk of missing stones or snags that come with the pavé, consider a duct setup instead. This aspect, although similar, involves cutting a small channel in the ring with stones placed in a row in the canal, making the gems safer.

To begin with, it is important to determine the cost of wedding rings at an early stage. When you know how much to spend on the rings, it would be easier to keep the entire wedding budget in place. Well, jewelry experts DR wedding ring often suggest that about three to five percent of the wedding budget should be set aside for rings. Also, keep in mind that the budget varies with the ring configuration, design, metal, style, and choice of diamonds.

In general, rings made of platinum will always cost more due to the more expensive nature of the metal, but platinum rings will last forever without the need for maintenance. White or yellow gold are cheaper options, with prices falling in the number of carats. However, white gold will have to be rhodium plated every few years as the metal wears out and turns yellow. Palladium is another great cheap alternative to white gold and platinum that is largely maintenance-free.

It’s a popular choice because it takes the guesswork out of matching rings and ring stacking. When the shape of the engagement ring complements the shape of the wedding ring, it creates a perfect and comfortable fit. Equally important is that an engagement and wedding ring merge to create a combined aesthetic that enhances its beauty and symbolism. To meet the needs of both people, a custom-made jeweler can create rings that match the individual’s unique style. The Diamond Room makes it easy to create custom bands that share cohesive elements that meet the needs of both partners.

A growing number of couples go with wedding or eternity bands that are only exchanged during the ceremony. They can be infinitely strewn curves or single, double, even triple bands with a pair of diamonds or inlaid in diamonds, just to name a few styles. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be matching bands or even the metal itself, so each of you can express your band in a way that is deeply meaningful as individuals and as a couple. If your engagement ring doesn’t have a matching band, it’s important to find a band that matches the engagement ring right away and complements your style rather than distracts you. It’s essential to look at the shape of the band next to your engagement ring.