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Upon receiving that information, they will formulate a timeline and evaluate the scale and cost needed to deliver their animation. The main benefit of outsourcing game animation is that you can wash your hands animation outsourcing in innocence of the animation pipeline complexity, allowing you and your team to focus on other production elements. It allows us to create high-quality 2D character animations in a matter of time.

Such figures can move left and right, up and down, making it possible for the player to handle the character and perform a series of functions in the story. However, if you want it to move forward or out of sight, you should resort to 3D animation that adds realism to the game settings. In addition, 2D assets are lighter compared to 3D, making it easier for game developers to integrate them into new and existing products.

Our team of animators is constantly honing their skills and experience to give you an exceptional experience. We partner with leading companies that always challenge our employees with fascinating tasks. Our animation outsourcing studio has extensive experience in producing quality 2D and 3D animation for a variety of projects. Our game animation services are in line with the latest trends in the gaming market.

RetroStyle Games is an animation outsourcing company where our priority is to make the outsourcing process easy and reliable for our customers. By having a well-organized workflow, we ensure that we offer the best game animation services that meet customer requirements within the agreed time frame and budget. 3D animation production services cater to a wider range of genres and characters.

While 2D artists often create a false depth and make the image look like 3D, the look is still simpler, though not necessarily less elegant, than in 3D games. In such a scenario, the quality and originality of the art of the game come to the fore. Our 2D animation specialists are passionate artists who animate characters, environments and props so that the game feels unique and entertaining to the player. Customers who outsource 2D animation from our studio can be sure that they will receive animation solutions of the highest level within the agreed deadlines.