LED Lighting Solutions Have Many Benefits

LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting solutions have been on a steady rise over the past few years. While LED products may only seem like a traditional light bulb with a light source, the dizzying array of new products, new terms introduced by the home lighting industry, and perhaps the fact that LED s are an entirely different technology from everything else that have previously been used for outdoor lighting can make the transition to LED lighting almost seamless. There are several reasons why switching to LED is easier than most homeowners realize. One of the biggest reasons is simply a matter of cost, as LED lights are far more affordable than their incandescent counterparts. With energy costs on the rise, saving even a small amount of money has become crucial to conserving energy over the long run. Learn more on how Pier 7 can help your business with industrial LED Lightings

Another big reason why switching to LED lighting solutions is easy is simply the fact that they produce light in a completely different manner than traditional light bulbs do. Traditional lamps produce light through a filament or a bulb and these lights tend to be extremely energy inefficient when compared to modern LED lights. Because of this energy efficiency, modern LED lights are typically the most energy-efficient type of lighting available on the market today.

Additionally, most consumers are aware of the fact that incandescent light bulbs release heat into the air surrounding them and this causes them to be quite uncomfortable to look at during the daylight hours. LEDs, on the other hand, only release light into the air using shortwave radiation technology. This means that the lights are cool to the touch and do not produce heat or discomfort in the air like most other types of lighting systems. In fact, some manufacturers even recommend using LED lights inside refrigerators and other cool places, as the heat emission from traditional incandescent lights is extremely hot and poses a fire and burning hazard. It is for this very reason that LED lighting solutions have been banned in numerous schools, government buildings, and other indoor environments throughout the United States and Canada.

While this may seem somewhat of a contradiction, it actually makes a lot of sense since LED lighting products are much more capable of delivering electricity to power outlets than their incandescent counterparts are. Incandescent bulbs, in turn, use electrical currents to generate heat which is why they are extremely inefficient and can often clog up power outlets and damage electronics. Furthermore, their bulbs are incredibly dangerous as they contain lead which can severely affect the human body if handled improperly. The fact that the dangers associated with traditional incandescent lights make them impractical for indoor use is a critical part of the reason that LED lights have become so popular over the past few years.

When you consider the benefits of switching to LED technology versus traditional incandescent products, it is easy to see how much more efficient LED lighting solutions can be. Incandescent products generate a tremendous amount of heat which means that the energy consumed by the bulb must be further processed before it is even usable inside of your home. This additional energy consumption results in a significant increase in the electricity bill that you pay every month.

Furthermore, as it is extremely expensive to manufacture traditional incandescent light bulbs it is only a matter of time before they become obsolete. The cost of oil, copper and other raw materials necessary to make these products will eventually rise resulting in their production being halted altogether. Since LED lighting products do not require these raw materials, they will become significantly more affordable and will become an integral part of the cost of running your home. Therefore, when you switch from traditional light bulbs to LED products, you are essentially paying off the initial investment that you made on your home several years ago rather than incurring yet another unnecessary expense.

Furthermore, when you switch to an energy-efficient LED lighting solution you are virtually eliminating any chance of a short circuit in your home. These products use very low voltage in order to eliminate the possibility of a short circuit within the confines of your home. Many homeowners often experience this issue and find it very difficult to actually place the lights in a location where they may touch such as in doorsteps or corners of the room, this is typically caused by poor wiring locations within the house itself.

Finally, when you use LED lighting solutions you are providing your home with the maximum amount of lumens possible. While standard incandescent light bulbs produce a maximum of about thirteen lumens of light, the energy-efficient LED lights are capable of producing forty-five lumens of light for each watt of energy than they consume. This means that you can brighten up your entire home without purchasing the more expensive types of lamps that are available. In addition, when you use LED lamps you do not need to purchase dimmers because they are completely temperature and color sensitive. The LEDs are also capable of changing colors automatically to accommodate any changing room temperature such as a baby’s room.






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