John Lasseter and SkyDance Animation’s New Animated Musical “Spellbound”

Everyone loves an animated classic, and today’s animation fans are finding many of them with the films and series from Skydance Animation. It’s a studio that creates imaginative films and TV series for people of all ages. Apple+ has distributed its creations, and the new movie Spellbound will be as well. Skydance Animation is one of the newest animation studios, but it comes with people who are highly experienced in the industry, such as John Lasseter. It has brought together the top names in animation and storytelling to create very original works. The studio focuses on originality and features only original characters and stories. The studio is led by a giant in the industry, John Lasseter who was in top positions in the world’s largest animation studios before joining the new studio.

Skydance Animation

John Lasseter was the chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios as well as Pixar. As Pixar became successful, John Lasseter was behind much of this success. He pioneered the use of CGI in modern animation and moved the realm of animation ahead. As he improved the quality of animation with new and amazing techniques, he earned two Academy Awards for his work. He then joined Skydance Animation, to use his expertise to tell original stories.

The studio uses some of the best talent in the industry and brings together top people from around the world to work together on its stories. The studio is headquartered in both New York and Madrid to allow people from many places to add their creativity to the projects. Skydance Animation benefits from the enormous amount of experience that John Lasseter has, as well as the talent of those he’s brought together. The works from the studio are quickly becoming family favorites. The studio’s works have all been for an all-ages audience, and Spellbound is no different. It will be released through Apple+ in 2024.


Many plot points are still secret, but we know several things about this film. It’s an animated musical that is said to be a highly emotional journey made by a young princess. Princess Ellian is a young girl who is the daughter of the king and queen of the land of Lumbria. This magical land is ruled by the royal family. The trouble starts when the king and queen fall under a magic spell that transforms them into monsters. These monsters then set about destroying the family’s castle. Young Ellian has to try to keep her family together, as well as the kingdom while trying to get the spell broken and get her parents back. The story will have many twists and turns to keep audiences guessing.

The story is highly emotional, in which characters express their feelings through songs. Alan Menken created the movie’s original score and its many songs. He is the winner of eight Academy Awards and has been behind the music of some of the biggest animated musicals. Academy Award nominee Glenn Slater wrote the lyrics.

Spellbound‘s All-Star Cast

The new classic from Skydance Animation has an impressive cast of stars. The queen is played by Nicole Kidman, and the king is played by Javier Bardem. Rachel Ziegler plays the princess. The movie also features Tituss Burgess, John Lithgow, Nathan Lane, and Jennifer Lewis. Many of the actors are Academy Award winners, such as Nicole Kidman, and have also won other awards. The film is set to become a favorite among those who love engaging stories, original characters, and imaginative stories and love to watch a musical.






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