What Do The Fashion Police and Admissions Reps Have in Common?

Recently a student asked me what are reps in shoes. Since I often coordinate college trips for high school students, I definitely have strong thoughts on this subject; wardrobe can be very important when attempting to make a good impression. Here are my recommendations as to what I consider appropriate attire during a trip to a university:

  • No jeans – I know that this suggestion breaks at least four of the five top fashion commandments for teens. However, in a general sense, jeans are considered everyday, routine clothing. In order to stand out, students should opt for something a bit dressier. They don’t have to overdo it with full-fledged suits, but I advise them to go for the “business causal” look.
  • No tennis shoes – Yes, I know that your student’s tennis shoes cost $230. Yes, I know that he will probably be doing a lot of walking.Yes, I’m sure that your daughter is most comfortable in shoes that reflect her casual style and attitude.

I am aware of all of the factors that point to sneakers as a sensible choice for a college tour; however, I must once again point to the desire for most students to emerge from a crowd as the next best prospective student. Believe it or not, something as simple as nice footwear can speak to a student’s seriousness. Who would be considered more credible in most situations, someone wearing traditional shoes or someone wearing flip-flops?

Another “footnote”: stay away from wearing stilettos on college tours. Students will need shoes that are stable and provide plenty of support if they have to do a lot of walking around the college campus. When it comes to footwear, students should go for something stylish yet comfortable.

  • No scandalously high skirts/shorts or shockingly low necklines – Every outfit that may be appropriate when hanging out with friends is not appropriate for an academic setting. Wearing something that is too daring may call a student’s overall judgment into question and it may be surprising what college reps remember when they are reading applications.

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