United States Vs United Kingdom Vs CANADA

If you plan to settle in the country where you study after your education, you will need to obtain the appropriate visa and work permits. Applying for permanent residency in the United States is certainly possible. Canada visa from Bangladesh However, the process and duration of the acquisition are much more complicated than Canada’s. Canada offers graduates of certain degrees the opportunity to apply for a work permit after graduation.

Getting a part-time job while studying in the UK is difficult for international students, the UK government recently changed its visa rules to attract more students from abroad. The U.S. visa application system is also a long and complicated process, requiring intensive research, questions, and a lot of waiting. The Canadian visa process is simpler and shorter, making it easier for international students to obtain a study permit. Recently, the UK Home Office formally opened its new post-study work visa to international students. The Graduate Pathway allows international students who have earned a degree from a recognised university in the UK to stay there and seek employment for at least two years.

Indian students can seek permanent residency status in Canada after completing their full-time course. Canada also has several immigration programs to invite skilled workers. During the application of the student visa, you must submit certain documents to the office that prove your identity and status. You must also prove that you are eligible to be a student in the country you want to go to. The Canadian immigration system recently announced a new accelerated visa application program for citizens of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. CUKTCA, the post-Brexit trade agreement between Canada and the UK, entered into force on 1 April 2021.

(The latter is often requested by pairs of students or employees who come to Canada.) However, some jobs first require a medical examination that must be completed. A work permit in Canada cannot be valid for longer than the applicant’s passport.

Based on the applicant’s score, which determines their rank, the Government of Canada selects the highest-ranking candidates in the group and grants them an ITA for permanent residence. For students interested in transitioning to permanent residency status after graduation, Canada is by far their best choice. Canada increasingly sees international students as the ideal immigrant.

From 7 April 2021, France-Visas will offer students the opportunity to submit digital copies of their supporting documents when completing their visa application online. This optional procedure allows for an accelerated process by the third-party service provider. This position is initially only accessible to long-stay student visa applicants residing in a country where the visa application is outsourced to an ESP and available online.

In the United States, however, applying for a green card is a better alternative than working to be sponsored by an employer or applying for a work visa on your own. The UK government uses a points system or a five-point system to assess permanent resident visa applicants. Those who meet the requirements for level 1 are considered “high value” and are entrepreneurs, investors or exceptionally talented. Level 2 is for skilled workers who have offered a job in the UK in an area where there is a proven shortage. Canada is very hospitable to international students and is looking to increase the population of international students at its institutions.

As the number of international students coming to Canada grows steadily, so does Canada’s efforts to retain them permanently. The data also confirms Canada’s welcoming attitude toward international students. The number of international students in Canada increased from 122,700 in 2000 to 642,500 in 2019. A recent report by Statistics Canada revealed that six out of ten international students employed after college disembarked within 10 years of receiving their study authorization became immigrants. In the United States, many schools require international students to apply for health insurance.