Mason County Tips For Reducing Solid Waste

In addition, these diapers filter out toxic chemicals and microplastics. If you are concerned about contaminants in tap water, you can get a reusable water bottle with a filter. This water filter bottle is filtered while you drink. If you are interested in a plastic-free version, you can opt for this stainless steel water filter bottle. Because takeaway coffee cups are often lined with plastic to prevent them from leaking, they cannot be recycled. If you kindly ask and explain why you use a reusable cup, most stores will be happy to make your drink in it.

Make it a goal to trade in disposable items for things you can reuse. Buy items in bulk, concentrate or refillable packaging. Bulk candy, for example, will have much less packaging than a bag of “Fun Size” candy bars. Plastic cutlery, straws, plates and cups clog our landfills and end up in the bellies of sea turtles.

Ask your suppliers to provide details of their carbon footprint. Work together to find creative ways to recycle and reuse your materials. Companies can help reverse this trend by making waste distribution a cornerstone of their sustainability efforts. For parents, this may seem difficult, but it’s time to think about switching from disposable diapers to washable diapers. Most disposable diapers are made of a non-recyclable polyethylene plastic. This type of plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Instead of being fooled by clever marketing, invest in a good quality water filter and a reusable freshwater bottle. We love glass, but there are many more sustainable options! And while you’re at it, grab a thermos for your coffee or tea. You can do it exactly the way you want it and also save money. Going vegan is one of the most incredible ways to reduce your impact on this country.

In fact, most trash cans in your home probably don’t need a plastic coating. Go DIY and learn how to make delicious new foods like yogurt and seltzer water. This translates into less plastic and glass to worry about throwing away or recycling. You don’t have to skip your coffee every morning, but you can still divert K-cup capsules and other filters from landfills. There are many good coffee filters, such as the K-cup reusable coffee filter, which are made of materials such as hemp and stainless steel. In addition, recycling takes a lot of energy to sort, process and reconfigure materials.

Fabrics or vegetable bags with nets may contain products instead of plastic bags. If you don’t compost, most of the weight in your dumpster probably comes حاوية للايجار from food scraps. Unfortunately, when food waste goes to landfills, it cannot be properly broken down and therefore produces methane, a greenhouse gas.