The Top 10 Notion Alternatives In 2022 Functions, Prices

It is the all-in-one workspace for you and your team to collaborate and share notes.

The extensive collection of templates can take time to work on projects, because you can use pre-built documents instead of making them all over again. One of my favorite features in Notion has always been a fairly simple interface and easy to operate organization tools. In that sense, this software is quite close to its known opponent. This gives you a bit more freedom to organize items according to your specific requirements. When it comes to tracking tasks, I think it’s smarter because it allows you to set recurring dates and even sync dates with Google Calendar.

Dynalist offers many useful features, such as setting recurring dates and synchronizing dates with Google Calendar. Another advantage of Slite is that, like Google Docs, documents can be shared and all shared parties can work on the document notion competitor at the same time. If creating written documents with your team members is more important than creating large databases, this is the application for you. The application makes it easy to take notes and organize your to-do lists.

In terms of note capture, you can tackle the task without any inconvenience thanks to user-friendly tools. If you are looking for an application that allows you to edit, organize and annotate documents in a much better way than Notion, this should be your best option. What you place on the curve for is a wide range of organizational tools that offer maximum flexibility. In addition, the application has a more elegant user interface and also excels in customization. So depending on what works best for your workflow, you can put everything perfectly in sync.

That said, the platform has some drawbacks such as slowness and unreliable offline functionality. Not to mention the limited storage that makes the freemium version very basic even for personal use, let alone for professional requirements. The premium variant starts at $ 4 / month and shoots up to $ 20 / month, which may not fit everyone’s budget. That’s why some of you want to explore the best notion alternatives of 2020 to fill the gap.

Like Notion, Nuclino also comes with a very clean user interface that does not involve a steep learning curve. But unlike the above, it is known to work faster across multiple platforms. As for organizing notes, you get a lot of tools to organize your elements based on your workflow. The application stores all your data in one place so you can track it effortlessly. And with smart automation tools such as smart rules and flexible reminders, you can speed up the management of your documents.

Here you can share notes, manage projects, documents and include employees. In addition, you can integrate Slack by sending answers to questions from your teams. And when a page is updated, you can send a notification to the team to notify them of the changes. This keeps them published and no one will be misinformed about important news.

Another great Notion alternative allows you to create and manage all of your team’s tasks and processes as part of the project development process. For example, you can write important information within the software and inform relevant colleagues using entries. With applications with comment functions, colleagues can discuss ideas or expand notes.

It is a structured Wiki, which is usually used to run a project development space, document management system, knowledge base or other groupware tool on an intranet… Matteri is an online documentation and knowledge management software that allows you to collect and network all knowledge of your company in an understandable and flexible system. It facilitates easy recovery of the information companies need to save time and effort. Basecamp is designed as an all-in-one collaboration and task management platform. It organizes your to-do lists, chats, calendars, documents and files and brings them together under one roof where you can easily check them and make sure nothing slides through the cracks.