Door Access Control System

Whether you manage or own a multi-family building or commercial real estate, a door access control system is essential to keep your tenants, staff and assets safe. All door input systems share the common goal of keeping doors closed for security reasons, while authorized persons have easy access to those areas. An access control system works by providing flexible security options access control system installation to access your business facilities. You can use access cards, biometric data, mobile applications and other login credentials to open or close doors. Almost all companies we evaluate offer professional installation, either by their own professionals or through external installers or distributors. The number of doors that an access control system can cover differs per company.

“Security” should also include protective measures for the health of its workers and visitors. STANLEY Security develops new and innovative solutions while organizations want to implement contactless experiences to create a healthier environment and limit the spread of germs. Reduce physical contact with mobile credentials, which work with cloud-based access control systems to digitally store access control cards on your employees’ smartphones. The latest contactless access systems can now include facial recognition instead of keyboards, scroll cards or labels. They can also be integrated with temperature detection systems and face masks to control the health of those entering and leaving your building.

Johnson Controlsis, an industrial giant, with a multitude of products suitable for organizations of all sizes. Your security systems can contain and integrate video cameras, fire alarms and more and can be managed remotely via a mobile phone. They also offer a managed solution where they monitor and manage their safety.

The required basic hardware equipment includes a door-sided mounting reader and a control box belonging to the IT space. Different plans include different numbers of administrators and the time the data is stored. The first is the traditional method where control panels act as wheel covers for door readers, door locks, cameras and the system interface, generally a PC. Door readers and control panels connect to their own power and communication wiring. A key ring or key card is the most commonly used solution to give authorized personnel access to the location, building, space or room. By giving them a physical key, they can easily use this item to unlock any door.

The range of access control system applications ranges from one-door access control systems to large network access control systems for multi-door buildings. It is an effective measure to resolve the security management of the entrances and exits of important departments. Can be used in various confidential departments, such as office, hotel, apartment, parking space, armory, confidential room, smart community and factory. For example, if you only want to allow managers in the conference areas, you can configure the conference room door to allow access only to users at the management level. Verification is when people provide references to access part of their building. Authentication references include mobile devices, badges, access cards, biometric identification, control panels, door readers and access codes.

With contactless access control systems you can eliminate any need for physical contact. Employees can use facial recognition, hand wave technology or mobile applications to enter the building without having to play a keyboard or button. Key cards, key chains and badges: With a key card input system, accredited users will slip, touch or shake their card in a reader to get the input. Maps and key chains are compatible with most outdated access control systems, but can become more difficult and expensive. If you choose to use key cards to access, select a provider that provides encrypted cards for better security.