CNC Machine Tools – A Closer Look at Many Facts Regarding These Products

Computer numerical controlled or CNC machine tools are gadgets or devices used in CNC machining services. These industrial products are highly favored in a lot of industries where some processes should be done fast. Characteristics of these gadgets include capability to repeat processes and in some cases, programmability is essential too. They perform extensive work including drilling, broaching, milling, turning, honing, etching, jig boring, laser machining and abrasive jet machining.

These machine tools became popular in a lot of industries basically because they promise to provide much convenience to manufacturers. Even if some perform only secondary operations such as finishing, anodizing, polishing, lapping and welding, they are still sought after by companies worldwide. Their link to CNC machining services may be appreciated with the foregoing facts.

CNC and some additional services

Apart from the services mentioned above, there are other things that CNC low volume machining tools are able to perform. One is known as the Computer Aided Design or CAD where some parts of products sold in the market need quick and accurate production. A variation of this is the Computer Aided Manufacturing or CAM where products are fabricated from CAD results.

With the aid of CNC tools, redesigning, modernizing and improving of existing products from CAD and CAM output is deemed possible. Additionally, just-in time or JIT services are also performed. In this particular instance, the machines are capable of providing prototypes that are often utilized in functional testing or in product presentations. In some cases, they also change the volume of production.

CNC machining services and other parameters

When a company selects CNC machine tools, important parameters to take a closer look into are the capacity of the diameter and the capabilities of the material. Commonly, diameter capacity ranges from 1 inch to 6 inches. When speaking of capabilities of the material, this is the criterion that sets the tool’s ability to provide machining services for various materials such as carbides, ceramics, cast iron, bronze, brass and aluminum.

Last few notes on CNC tools

Aside from the topics on services performed and parameters used in CNC machining services, there are yet other important topics in CNC machine tools. One must be able to look into how the CNC concept proliferated and how it is integrated in computer systems. Be very glad that CNC tools are now offered at low prices so that more industries will be able to benefit from their existence. Some of the tools with the so-called CNC variants are lathes, wood routers, drills, hot-wire foam cutters, oxy-fuel and laser cutters.






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