If you are uncomfortable using one of them, even a normal condom can facilitate cleaning, at least for your partner. Having sex in the missionary position, with the woman on her back, can also limit blood flow (thanks, gravity!), like having sex towards the end of your period, when your power is lighter. In fact, there are many misconceptions that prevail in our society and that women consider “impure” during their periods. It may not be everyone’s choice, but it is discovered that there are people who really like vintage sex more than normal sex. Did you know that according to a study, about 30% of sexually active women have sex during menstruation??

These are all individual preferences and they are all completely normal. So while sex is possible during periods, if you don’t want to, you should refuse to participate even if your partner wants to try it out. Tanfer K, Aral SO. Sexual intercourse during menstruation and the history of self-informed sexually transmitted diseases in women. And the risk of giving or contracting a sexually transmitted infection is greater.

Please note that you should still use protection during sex during your period. You are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy is still possible, so make sure you use contraception and are protected from STIs You are realistic sex doll less likely to have lubricants if you have sex during menstruation, because menstrual drainage tends to provide sufficient lubrication. “Hybrid silicone and silicone lubricants with water and silicone are also safe for both sex and condoms.

Sexual activity that leads to orgasm during menstruation is believed to increase retrograde menstrual periods, sow endometrial tissue elsewhere and thereby increase the risk of endometriosis. So far, few studies have investigated the relationship between sexual activity during menstruation and endometriosis (16-18). There are few studies of the relationship between sexual activity during menstruation and endometriosis. Meaddough et al. in the United States, he investigated the effect of sexual activity, orgasm and health-related behavior during menstruation on endometriosis.

Previous studies report that in 90% of healthy women with open fallopian tubes, menstrual blood is present in the peritoneal cavity, as evidenced by laparoscopy . However, it is believed that the level and volume of retrograde menstrual and the backward movement of endometrial cells have significant effects on the occurrence and improvement of endometriosis . The sexual activity of the two groups during menstruation was significantly different. The occurrence of endometriosis in women who stated that they had vaginal sex or non-coital sexual activities, which led to orgasm during menstruation, was significantly higher compared to those who said no. III. Although the risk of pregnancy during unprotected sexual contact with menstruation is very small, they do not disappear completely.

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